Project Management

At M&I Consulting, we will support and guide your company through the preliminary phases of project definition.

– Evaluating the Project Management team and the operations division to determine your project management style
– Elaborating a Project Plan that fits your structure and capabilities
– Executing the Project Plan

Evaluation Phase

In this phase we help your team to define the basic common language for the team to learn to talk “Project”.

Communications and clear definition of the Roles defined in the project are other Key aspects often given for granted, leading to
costly errors hard to fix because the cause is in the root of the project.

Elaborating the Project Plan

Now the whole team speaks the same project language. It is time to plan the strategy to develop the project. Easier said than done.

These are the key factors to consider, as a minimum:

  • Definition of goals, milestones and deliverables
  • Constraints: Schedule, Budget, resources available of any type. Legal and fiscal requirements.
  • Risk Assessment: making sure all risks involved are not only accounted for but also mitigated in the plan
  • Quality Assurance: Quality is nowadays one of the most important elements to control on a project. Lack of quality leads to errors and reprocesses, which impact in cost and schedule, and potentially can cause serious accidents.

Executing the Project Plan

You have your plan ready to go. It’s the perfect plan. You have considered all potential risks, variables, inputs and outputs.
Nothing can go wrong. Right?

And then life happens: from changes in the contractual scope to team members leaving the project, and everything in between.

Coping with all the changes can be tough, and your Project and Organization cannot afford not to be ready to quickly adapt to
them. Having a Change Management Plan in place before start the execution is a good way to avoid unnecessary delays and losses.

At M&I Consulting, we know the impact changes have in projects. Let us help you to minimize the impact in yours.

Progress and monitoring tools
M&I Consulting can help your team to develop Progress and Monitoring tools allowing you to know at every stage of the Project where your team stands, identifying the risks and potential deviations ahead, and preparing the action plans for remediation.

As important as having the right Project Plan is to develop from the very beginning of the project the right tools to control and follow-up the progress of each goal and milestone. We help your team to develop those tools allowing you to know at every stage of the Project to know where your team stands, identifying the risks and deviation ahead, and preparing the action plans for needed remediation.

Reporting to all levels of the organization and to clients is extremely important. Your project not only has to go according to the plan but has to prove it to the stakeholders. M&I Consulting can help to setup the right report for each level of your organization, from top level executives to “all details in” technical reports.

Learn how M&I Consulting can help you achieve your goals.