Corporate Consultancy

Setting Your US Branch

Let M&I Consulting guide your company in the following processes.

Type of business structure
Are you a family company or a large enterprise? Are you planning to work for Public or Private Entities? We at M&I Consulting can help you to determine the optimal type of business for your company: LLC, Corporation, S-Corp, LLP, Non Profit…

Business location and Market target

Based on your business type and product, we will recommend the right location for setting your company, finding the right equilibrium between proximity to your clients and cost of doing business.

Insurance coverage

Do Business Insurance, Workers’ Comp, General Liability, Professional Liability, Umbrella Coverage mean anything to you? Business Vs Small Business Insurance? Whether your company provides a services, sells a product or anything in between, M&I Consulting can sort this out for you and get the right insurance coverage for your company.


Google “international branding mistakes examples”, and over 40 million sites will show up. Let us help you be out of that list. M&I Consulting can make your brand local (and seriously, google it. There are some jaw dropping examples.)

Learn how M&I Consulting can help you achieve your goals.