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Let M&I Consulting guide your company in the American journey.

Life, and businesses, are global these days. Your friends and contacts move easily around the globe, and so your company should do.

We believe in making business by partnering with people who brings value to the venture. People who sums with their Experience, their Knowledge, and their Attitude.

Our approach is “Being Local Here and There“: we are negotiating agreements with people thinking the same way we do about making business, to cover territories where M&I has no presence, yet.

Our first step has been establishing local presence in Seville, Spain. By having local representation, we accomplished our goal of having direct contact with clients. This way, you have a face to talk any given time. We are there for you, to facilitate a seamless communication.



Sectors where our clients operate:


Credit: Technology review magazine

Together with our engineer partner, M&I Consulting provides project management, engineering review and project coordination to our clients, to ensure flawlessly communications among any other player on the project; shareholders, engineering partners, solutions or equipment providers, contractors, permitting and regulation entities…



Thanks to our over 15 years of experience in international consulting, companies from diversified sectors, such as:

  • Agro,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Fitness,
  • Language learning,
  • Graphic design and packaging.

are counting on M&I Consulting when internationalizing their products and services.



According to the SBA, approximately 99% of the companies in the US can be considered small business. This means 28.8 million companies with 20 or less employees. The 2015 revenue was 9,765,000,000,000 Dollars.

Let it sink for a minute.

Around half a million companies are created every year. 8 out of 10 don’t make to the second year.

At M&I Consulting, we understand how hard is to get on with your new company. You have your product, and the hassle of everything else you need to consider can be just too much.

Just don’t give up: we can take the pain out of your way, so you can focus on what you need: you getting your company out there.

  • Don’t know where to start? We can point you to the right direction: understating your product, finding your market niche, working with you to tailor-made your business plan. Marketing campaigns, Branding.
  • International branding and marketing consulting. Our market research will guarantee your products and services will adapt to the local markets. Our branding analysis makes sure your company lands with the right feet in your target market.
  • In need legal or fiscal assistance? Our network of corporate lawyers are happy to help.
  • Intellectual Property, patents, Trademarks: this can be maddening. Our network of IP lawyers can help you find out what you need, and how to get it the most amicable way.
  • Looking for finance? We can put you in contact with bankers and investors who will consider your business, and provide great advice.
  • Considering disembarking in the US? Our network of immigration lawyer can provide the counseling and service your company needs.

Learn how M&I Consulting can help you achieve your goals.