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I had the opportunity of having Pedro Pajares as part of my team members from July 2013 to March 2016. He reported directly to me.

In the first part of the above mentioned period, Pedro’s role was Project Manager. Afterwards he led the proposals and Business Development Area, with highly satisfactory results.

I would like to highlight his extensive experience in Project Management in engineering projects, his large technical knowledge as well as his professional rigor, his working capability and his absolute results oriented attitude.

Regarding his abilities, the ones standing out are his quick adaptation to complex situation, his stress management, together with his empathy, leadership and communication skills, both with his own project team as well as with the Clients.

Without the shadow of a doubt, I recommend Pedro Pajares; I’m convinced he will add value to any Project you have the chance to make him participant.

José Luis Marquez

Former CEO, Abeinsa Engineering, Inc.

We contacted M&I Consulting, knowledgeable of the US market, to help us find a very specific steel material grade, hard to find in European market due to its limited amount, in order to satisfy a need for our final client.

M&I provided different and diverse options, helping us on the final decision. The whole process was a success, since M&I helped as well with the transportation and export of the material until the very doors to our client in Sudamerica, with the result of great savings for both our final client and us.

M&I team are just terrific professionals with a huge drive for collaboration in the quest for joint success.

Salvador Durán

Commercial, Purchase & Logistic Manager, Tincasur

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