With this alliance, we offer an innovative solution for our clients’ business approach facing multilateral organizations and project performing agencies through early identification of opportunities prior to publication, our proximity and direct contact with the organizations and the preparation of agendas for the presentation of services and products of our clients.

In Forwit, we are specialists in international business development through tendering with multilateral organizations. We have developed a proprietary methodology of business intelligence to drive the success of our clients. Our seasoned team, with over 15 years trajectory, have tendered and won contracts all over the world.

In M&I Consulting, we are a corporate management and international business consulting firm, whose mission is to become the integral solution for our clients: from operations and project management, project technical management and optimizing communications with third parties; to business development through our extensive network of contacts and collaborators in Europe and American continent.

The combined expertise of Forwit and M&I Consulting in the sectors we operate allow us to offer our clients tailor made solutions, always business development oriented. We are convinced this new service will be a success.

Contact us, and find out what Forwit and M&I Consulting can do for you.