At M&I Consulting, we know where our roots are.

We know how hard is the entrepreneurial life, specially in this world of global trends. Your company has to be ready to jump into the market, wherever the market is. If your next geography is USA, we are here, and there, to help.

We want to help you in the decision making process of coming to the USA, whatever your product may be. Whether you are a tech savvy company, or a fashion oriented seller, we can guide throughout a forest of regulations, taxations, and location where to start your operations.

What is best for your company:

  • Start from scratch the US branch, or looking for a local business partner?
  • Shall you maintain your production lines overseas or open a factory in the USA?
  • Do you hire local, or bring expats?
  • What is the IRS? As Benjamin Franklin said: nothing is certain, but taxes and …

We want to provide the services we would have wanted for us. Years back, when M&I Consulting partners had their first business experiences in the USA, the support we needed was simply not available. Or, we should say, not available at an affordable cost.

This is what M&I Consulting offers: meet you in your home office, talk about the options your company has to enter the US market, and provide the help you need at a reasonable cost.

This is the reason why we have now a dedicated business development for Spain, based in Seville. Being closer to home, we can provide better, tailor-made support for your needs.

Contact us, for more information on how we can help.

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